17 Waterfalls in Croatia

Krka National Park, Croatia



In the National Park on the Krka River, halfway between Zadar and Split in central Dalmatia, you walk in a wide area around waterfalls for two, three milesin a long circle overbridges and over small streamspassing many beautiful small waterfalls.



You arrive at the national park by bus or car to a large parking area above the falls. If you go straight ahead, that isyou go the circle clockwise then you reach an area of ​​terraces and restaurants on the levelwith the upper part of the fall. From there you go on wide stairs down to the plateau at the base of the fall. These stairs are comfortable and have steady rails.

The area below the fall is wonderful. People swim in the pond formed by the waterfall and there is a large outdoor restaurant. People come andstay all day long and have a great time.

As a tourist you want to go the whole circle around the falls. So,when leaving the area below the fall, you must walk a very long staircase. It’s OK because there’s a railing on the right handside (there is no railing on the other side). I recommend going in a clockwise direction if you want to go up and not down the long staircase. It may seem a very small detail, and for young peopleit does not matter but for older people it may feel in theknees to go downwards. At the parking lot, it is easy to go to the right over the charmingsmall bridges which takes you counter-clockwise and up the long staircase. So it is important toknow which direction will be easiest for you when you come toKrka National Park.




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