Croatia Underwater Wine

Croatia is an extremely beautiful country.  It has a very long, rocky, coastline with islands along the Adriatic Sea and we all know how coastlines with islands sooth our aesthetic souls.

The only thing Croatia and the other Balkan states need are tourists. These countries are restored to comfort again after the horrible Yugoslav Wars, 1991 to 2001. There are beautiful items, locally produced, to bring home as souvenirs. What did I buy on my bus-charter trip in 2017? I picked up a couple of fun things at the Antique market in Split, but what I really was happy about was a very special wine, a business concept. The wine is stored for two years in underwater grottos in the Adriatic Sea.

Look on the Internet under Croatia, wine, stored underwater in grottos and you will be inspired to take boat tours out to these grottos for a swim.

This wine was hard to find in any store, but I had read about it in a travel magazine and I kept trying. There is a very good liquor store outside the northeast corner of the Palace in Split and they ought to have that wine.  Well, they did not.  Finally, I found the wine in a gift store in a cheese factory on the island of Pag in the northern part of CroatiaIt is the most expensive wine I have bought; a little above 100 dollars for this bottle.  It was delivered, carefully packed in a wooden box, like a small crate.

It was a fabulous wine. We had a family (We are a small family) reunion and celebrated with this wine.  That dinner was an event.

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