Seville, Spain

A House for Poets

Who would have thought that a veritable paradise is hidden behind stern walls like these.

We stopped in Seville only because I had seen photos of the interior, which is the loveliest hotel, five minutes’ walk from the Cathedral and La Giralda, the tower.  The old streets are too narrow for a car to drive up, so we had to walk past restaurants and small shops and ask our way there. When we left the receptionist arranged with the taxi-driver to come and help us with the luggage and roll our suitcases to a nearby park where he had parked.

In the evenings, the hotel has arranged for guitarists to come and play in the lovely courtyard. When I grew up in Sweden, there was only one channel on the radio. Luckily, they played a lot of classical music and often music played by the wonderful Spanish guitarist Andre Segovia (1893-1987).  I was transported back to that time in my youth as we sat with a glass of white wine and listened to the young guitarist in the courtyard of this lovely hotel.

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