Las Vegas and Hoover Dam, United States

I find it odd myself that I love Las Vegas so much. I am a little bit of a gambler, but not much, and I have placed a bet in a casino in Las Vegas. What I love about Las Vegas—the DAYTIME LAS VEGAS mind you—is the feeling of HOPE that pervades that city during daytime, before reality, harsh or sweet and pleasant, sets in.  I am an artist and I cannot help it; feelings are what run my life.

Although, if you are a true Tourist, please do not miss an unforgettable visit to Hoover Dam. Ask the reception at your hotel. They can tell you about charter buses going there. Or you can drive.

I just watch an episode of The Rockford Files and James Garner and a villain ran down all those stairs.  You do not have to walk down to the Colorado River.  There is an elevator.  Do take the boat trip. You will thank me for telling you about it.


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